Vidmate APP for PC Free Download (OFFICIAL) New Version 2024

VidMate is a well-liked and trustworthy program that facilitates the downloading of HD videos for offline watching.Using VidMate you can effortlessly download videos from any major video hosting website including Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo, Instagram, and TikTok.It’s also a great media player and converter, so you can view music and movies with it.


App NameVidmate APP for PC
VersionLatest Version
File Size23.5 MB
Total Downloads100,0000+
FeaturesFree Video Downloads
Last update3 hours ago

Users of Android smartphones can get VidMate for free. VidMate is also available for Window users. It works with all Windows and Mac versions. So if you want to download vidmate for PC then this article is special for you.

Benefits of using Vidmate for PC

Large Storage Capacity:

Vidmate for PC installation allow users to make use of laptop’s or computer’s storage capacity. A PC or laptop’s hard drive typically has a maximum capacity. On the other hand, standard Android devices have at least 8gb of internal capacity. As a result, the  storage of computer  space is significantly more.

Greater Screen Size:

 You may watch videos on laptops or PCs with larger screens. You can get a lot more information and a larger display than with the Android phone.

Supported Higher quality:

However, Android phones are only good for watching content at  seven twenty pixcel quality. You have to pay a lot of money to get what you desire. Furthermore, you would not  notice much of a difference between a movie on a mobile device due to the small screen. To our view, it is only a tiny variance. On the other hand, viewing at  high pixcel on a PC makes a big impact. On the PC, you may watch movies and videos in greater definition. Vidmate provides fast download speeds. When you compare this program to other comparable ones running on the same Internet connection, the download speed will be 200% quicker. Vidmate’s advanced technology makes it possible to get the most out of an internet connection.

Features of Vidmate for PC

1: Broad Platform Compatibility

 Vidmate is made to function on a number of operating systems, including Windows and macOS. Users may easily enjoy their favorite content across several devices because to its adaptability.

2: Video Downloading from various Sources

 The unique features of Vidmate for PC  is the ability to download videos from various sources.With the help of vidmate for pc ,content can be downloaded by users from well known video sharing websites like dailymotion, youtube , and many more.

3: Downloads of High-Quality Videos

 Vidmate  for PC never compromise on quality. High quality videos are available for download, guaranteeing an enjoyable visual experience while viewing material on personal computers.

 4: Batch Downloading

 Vidmate for PC has the ability to download files in bulk for consumers that value efficiency. Users may save time and effort by queueing up numerous videos for simultaneous downloads with this function.

5: Quick Download Speeds

Vidmate’s for PC specialized algorithms allow for lightning-fast download times. Large files can be downloaded rapidly by users, even while working with HD films.

6: Built-in Browser

 Vidmate comes with a built-in browser to make finding and downloading videos easier. With the ability to search for videos right within the app, users have a single location for finding and downloading material.

7: Multiple Video Formats and Resolutions

Vidmate for PC allows a range of video formats and provides users with the option to select their preferred resolution, so meeting a variety of user preferences and guaranteeing device compatibility.

8: Live TV Streaming

Vidmate offers customers the option to stream live TV in addition to downloading videos. The app’s utility is increased by this feature, which provides a wide variety of material in addition to pre-recorded films.

9: Background Downloads

Vidmate for PC’s capability to download videos continuously in the background while you work on other computer activities is a big benefit. This guarantees that you may access your preferred media files and remain productive at all times.Vidmate’s PC edition comes with a built-in download manager that gives customers more flexibility and organization over the files they download. Downloads may be simply prioritized, stopped, resumed, and monitored by users as needed.

10: Secure and Virus-Free

Vidmate for PC provides a safe download experience, providing users with a secure environment to view and download multimedia material. Your computer and personal data are protected since the program is devoid of malware, viruses, and other risks.Vidmate places a high priority on user security. The program gives users peace of mind by making sure downloads are secure and uncontaminated by malware or other security risk.

Key features of Vidmate for PC

  • Regular Updates
  • Built-in-Browser
  • Easy to use
  • Content Organization
  • Better download quality
  • Various formats
  • Built-in-Converter
  • Background Download
  •  Scheduled Download
  • Subtitle Support

How to install the Vidmate for PC?

Follow these steps to install vidamte for Pc.

Get an Android Emulator:

Since Vidmate is meant for mobile devices, your PC will require an Android emulator. NoxPlayer and BlueStacks are two well-liked options.Run the emulator setup file after downloading it, then follow the on-screen directions to install the emulator. This turns your PC into a simulated Android environment.

Launch the emulator:

 Launch the installed emulator and login in with your Google account. In order to access the Google Play Store, you must complete this step.

Download Vidmate:

Open the Google Play Store using the emulator’s interface, type in “Vidmate,” and choose the app from the list of results. Next, select “Install” from the menu.

Open Vidmate:

Vidmate is located in the emulator’s app drawer once it has been installed. To open the program on the emulator, click the Vidmate icon.

You can now easily enjoy multimedia content and download videos from a variety of sources on your PC by exploring Vidmate’s features.


1: Is VidMate available on Windows PC?

A: To install and use VidMate on a PC/Laptop, as there is no official version available, the solution is to use an emulator such as BlueStacks or LDPlayer.

2: Can I download music with VidMate APP for PC?

A: Yes, It allows for music downloads. The application provides a range of download options.


To sumup, VidMate is an effective music and video downloader that can access content from several multimedia websites. The program allows users to download music in MP3 and M4A formats and provides a variety of quality settings for videos. In multiple nations, VidMate is a well-known and extensively used video/music downloader. It continues to attract customers who are looking for a simple, reliable, and effective application for downloading multimedia material. So, you can install vidmate on your PC and enjoy unlimited content.

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